Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have any type of business presence online, you’ve heard that you need to have “good SEO”. You’ll also find that you can throw a rock and find dozens of SEO “experts” that are willing to let you part ways with some money in return for fantastic, nay, impossible to get rankings that will propel your business into the stratosphere!

Unfortunately, about 99{056b40759a8889928120c6f540a37f8900244af81f408bdb51e2cef9e87b53a4} of these so called experts – both consultants and people agency side – are full of shit. They’ll sell you on managing your natural search optimization efforts, but in the end they’ll end up delivering two to three things:

  1. Look at this amazing set of reports! Here’s how much traffic you get from organic, here’s how many page views! Wow, your time on site is 1 minute 46 seconds and your bounce rate is 76{056b40759a8889928120c6f540a37f8900244af81f408bdb51e2cef9e87b53a4}. This is proof positive that SEO is working and you should keep paying me/us!
  2. Here’s a technical audit of your site. You need to change some H1 tags and we’re going to update your title and URL structure. You should also have 2-3{056b40759a8889928120c6f540a37f8900244af81f408bdb51e2cef9e87b53a4} keyword density and all of your articles need to be 750 words or more. This technical audit isn’t needed every month, but for what you’re paying we need to seem like we’re doing something.
  3. Content is King, haven’t you heard? You need oodles of content, but we’re not going to write it for you. You also need infographics, videos, rich media galore! We won’t make those, either. We will just create a list of items that you’ll probably never green light – but trust us, if you do this you’ll get a million visitors overnight.

Now, there is value to these, but for the most part what we’ve experienced is SEO agencies tend to put a lot of ostentatious pomp into these items that really won’t move the needle for your sites. Reporting is important, yes. Technical structure should be sound, yes. Content is King and will continue to be, but giving you a list of things to write doesn’t do a damn thing.

The other problem is that list is missing the most crucial item next to content: link earning and outreach. That’s because it is the most difficult, most thankless part of being a Search Engine Optimization professional. Search engines like links. You can think of an inbound link from a third party site as a vote of confidence in what you’re all about. Without these links, you will not rank for the keyword phrases you yearn for, period.

How do you get them? By being the best, and to be honest if you’re here reading this, even if your company pulls $100M+ per year in revenue and you have a team of 30 marketers working round the clock for you, your content is probably crap from an SEO perspective

Harsh words, I know, but it’s the truth. Pick any vertical and nine out of ten articles or blogs that are published are milquetoast garbage that no one wants to read. You should be ashamed that you have a full time writing staff putting out such dribble and ignoring compelling,¬†amazing¬†content that you need to attract outside links and to raise your brand profile.

You’re right now asking, “Okay, Mr. Fancy Pants, how is Serious A any different from all of these other consultants or agencies that you just crapped on?” Thank you, I thought you’d never ask!

Serious A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

SEO is really, really hard. It is a lot like losing a lot of weight and getting in shape. It’s not something that you can shortcut, it’s not something that will happen overnight. Just like a diet isn’t a solution to weight management, SEO is something that is a lifestyle for any company that is serious about it.

That’s where we start. We’ll take a look at your site, take a look at where you are in your quest, and we will give you a long term road-map that you’re going to blanch at. That’s because you don’t need a blog, or a few articles. You need a plan to produce high authority, compelling content on an ongoing basis.

You need a plan to take that awesome, never second place content and syndicate it using old fashioned link outreach, Public Relations (PR) assistance, and amplifying using social media channels.

We offer three main services in an a la carte fashion for SEO:

  1. Initial audit and clean-up. This is a one time, up front endeavor that ranges in price depending on what we find “under the hood” of your site. We’re going to look at the quality of code, on-page signals you’re sending to the search engines, your internal linking structure, and a slew of other items to see what the overall SEO health of your site is. We can provide hands on updates to these, or work alongside your own development resources to right side any found issues. Once this is complete, it becomes more of something to watch over time, like the air pressure in your tires.
  2. Content Recommendations and Creation. We’re going to put together a content calendar and proposed pace of content publishing for you. This will take into account what the makeup of your vertical is and how aggressively you wish to pursue SEO efforts. If you have a content team, great. If not, we’ll use our own writers to come up with absolutely compelling content. Lower level content like blog updates, social posts and the like we’ll leave to less senior personnel – we’re focused on top tier content.
  3. Link Earning & Outreach. The special sauce, the hardest part of SEO. We’re going to take that content that is pure gold, and we’re going to start knocking on doors. “Look at this amazing content, your readers would love to have access to this!” It’s the definition of making sausage in the digital world, but it’s what we do. We’ll also partner with our internal PR team to target sources of earned media, interviews and other efforts that will not only help your branding efforts, but will result in high profile links that will boost your overall authority.